The Full Tune Up - $240

This one is for the avid cyclist, and you want your bike to feel like new or better. We inspect the whole bike as we do in our quick tune, but we'll also remove and thoroughly clean the entire drivetrain. Your bike gets a wash too! 


The Quick Tune Up - $175

Choose this option if you haven't used your bike for a while and you're uncertain about its condition. We will conduct a thorough examination of the entire bike to ensure that it is functioning correctly, including checking the shifting and brakes, confirming that the wheels and tires are in good condition, tightening all fasteners, and making sure that it is safe to ride. 


Bike Build - $300-$600

This is new bike day on steroids. You picked all the parts you wanted on your bike, and now it all needs to go together. Bike builds range in price due to the complexities of different designs, starting at bikes with fully cable actuated, externally routed shifting and brakes, to fully internal hydraulic brakes, and electronic shifting.


Carbon Repair

We offer in-house carbon repair and for complex jobs we work directly with MMFG Montenegro Manufacturing Company. 


Bike Assembly - $175

Did your bike come in the mail? New or used, it will need assembly and some adjustment to make it rideable. This service includes the unboxing of the bike and a quick tune. 


Box My Bike - $150

Traveling with your bike, or shipping it somewhere? We can pack it up for you so it makes it to its destination as safely as possible. Book an appointment, we'll even walk you through it so you can assemble it once it arrives.


Tire Installation - $15-$40

Price ranges depending on tubed, tubeless, or tubular. Ask us about foam tire inserts for tubeless! Does not include price of tires.


Brake Service - $25-$50

If your brakes are noisy, not quite as powerful as they used to be or worse, the levers touch the bars and you're not even slowing down, we'll get to the bottom of it. This service ranges from replacing brake pads and cleaning the brake calipers, to diagnosing leaks and performing brake bleeds.


All the Other Stuff

We can do anything you need here at SUPERSPEEDSHOP, so if you don't see what you are looking for just give us a shout or swing by. 


Prices above do not include any parts needed for service.